What is an ALT tag

What are ALT tags and do I need to use them?

ALT Tags/Text

When you are uploading new images to your online shop, you will have an option to add an ALT tag to it. This tag has a few purposes and we highly suggest you take the time to check and, if necessary, edit these. From the product page under Images you are able to change the ALT Tag using the cog as shown in the picture below.

What is an ALT tag

ALT text (correctly known as an Alt attribute or Alt Tags) is used to give alternative text (hence Alt text) for an image when it can't be displayed, for whatever reason.

It's also used by screen reader software for people who are listening to a website, rather than reading or viewing it, normally in the case of blind or partially sighted customers; who can then interact with a website without having to physically see it.

In addition, Alt text is considered helpful for SEO purposes. As long as the text itself relates to the page that it's on (e.g. is considered relevant) and is not used to 'stuff keywords' then search engines such as Google will not mark the site down in regards to website compliance standards. It's worth noting that the SEO benefit is, and continues to be, a debated subject amongst SEO professionals as no-one truly knows how much of an effect it has on Google's (or other search engine's) algorithms.

ALT tags are automatically generated on your Stor store using the product title and your shop name. For example the above image would have an ALT tag of "Medal | My Medal Shop" if the product title is "Medal" and my Shop name is "My Medal Shop".

This will be over-ridden if you specifically change the ALT tag:

ALT tag edit box on stor.co

Remember that is better to be descriptive about the picture rather than vague to aid the visually impaired. That's the main intent of Alt Text, so ensure its 'human readable'.

Images on Info Pages & Blog Pages

For images on Info Pages and Blog Pages you can add Alt text after adding images.

Simply click on the image to show the controls.

Click the 'i'.

Add the Alt text you want and then Update.

Image Alt Text Button Location in Info Pages


For Blog Featured Images you need to change the name of the image prior to uploading

If you have any queries in regards to this then reach out to the  Support team on Stor Live Chat or email and we'll be happy to help you out.