Embedding Video in Product Pages

If you want to add video into your Product page check out this article


You will need to activate the Video Enhancement under Settings>Enhancement before proceeding with the following. 

For details on activating enhancements for your Online Shop click here

1 - The Video

Adding a video to your product page is great for giving a customer a more in-depth view of the products your selling. Or simply to give them some other helpful information. 

For example how to choose a baby seat from the options available or maybe a 3rd party review of a certain item - remember the value of social proof is huge.

In the first instance you will need to upload the video to YouTube as Stor cannot, yet, host videos on the platform. 

If you need some help uploading your video to YouTube check out this WikiHow article which covers the step-by-step process.

Remember that you can mark the video as unlisted if you don't want it to be found on YouTube or via Google. 

2 - The Share Link

Every video on YouTube has a share option, normally for people to share it on social media, we can use it to add the video to our product page.

YouTube Share Options

You may want to keep this tab open just in case.

Now copy the link to your clipboard or keep it on a word document.


We only need the ID portion of this URL; so for the above we need "5Peo-ivmupE" and nothing else.

3 - Adding the Video to our Product Page

Now head to your Product Edit Page and select the Video option from the menu panel.

Video Menu Option - Product Edit Page on Stor.co

Once you have copied the Video URL (seen in step 2) simply right click and Paste it into the box (if you're on a Mac then CMD + V works too).

Delete any unnecessary parts of the URL. We only need the YouTube ID rather than the whole URL itself:

YouTube ID Example

Hit the all important Save button and head to the front-end (Customer facing) side of your Shop. 


You can add more than one video by simply separating the YouTube IDs with a Comma.

Example of an added Video on the Front-end of your Stor Shop

Your video will now shop on your product page, either beneath the product pictures or within the picture gallery depending on your Product Block Settings.

Product Video Settings for ECommerce Pages | Stor

If you need any further assistance on this please get in touch with the Support Team on email or Live Chat.