Managing Your Account

To configure all basic information of your account, please follow the steps below.

Step 1 - Primary Email Address

Enter your email address in the field marked "Primary Email". This email address will be used as your account login email. All of your notifications will be also sent directly to this address. If you need to reset your account password, just hit the "Reset Password" button, then enter your new password to confirm it.

Step 2 - Order Notifications Email

Enter your Order notification email address. Any transaction emails will be sent to this address. This can be different from your Primary address and has been added in case you would like order emails to be sent to a colleague or another department.

Step 3- Using Your Own Domain

If you’re using your own domain, simply enter your domain in this box. You will also need to adjust your DNS records so that the domain name points to the correct IP address. If you're unsure how to do this please check out our help document here. Alternatively, you can contact the Support Team on our Live Chat or email.

Step 4 - Disable/Enable

These options allow you to disable/enable:

  • Order notification emails - this stops order notification emails coming to the address you added above.
  • Out of stock notification emails - this stops out of stock emails coming to the address you added above.
  • Shop 'Maintenance-Mode' - If you need to put your Shop in Maintenance mode then simply click this. Any visitors to your shop will be able to see a custom page or message. This is useful if you're taking a brief holiday or adjusting products, site design, etc.

Pausing or Cancelling Your Account

If you need to pause or cancel your account at any point simply drop the Support Team a message on our Live Chat or email.