Using Your Shop Dashboard

our Dashboard gives you a quick overview of activity on your shop, your most recent orders, sales activity and overview.

Orders Overview

Orders Overview | Dashboard |

The Orders Overview shows you your revenue, orders and registered customers since your shop's launch. This also shows you how many orders need fulfilling, payments to capture and the total amount of those payments.

You can navigate quickly to the orders to fulfil by clicking the button.

This is a great quick reference to see how your shop is performing.

Activity Charts

Activity Chart Panel | Dashboard |

This section shows today's order total, number of new orders, new customers and payments to capture (e.g. offline cards, cash on delivery, cheques, bank transfers, etc.)

The chart beneath this gives you a quick view of your sales revenue by date compared to the previous month. More detailed information about this is available in your Shop's Analytics section.

Last 10 Orders

Again, this is a quick reference to see your 10 most recent orders. You can then quickly click through to the relevant Order Detail page to process payment, print invoices/purchase orders or update the shipping status.

If you need assistance reach out to our friendly, UK based Support Team using the built-in Live Chat or via email.