Activating Enhancements to Your Shop

Some features you can add to your shop are not suitable for everyone so to makes thing easier we've added them to our 'Enhancements' section.

What Are Enhancements?

Enhancements are additional features that not everyone will use. As such, we've turned these off by default to makes things simpler. If you want to activate these features it's quick and easy to do and best of all - it's free!

Login to your Shop and head to the Settings menu.

This will expand the Settings menu and you'll see the Enhancements option near the bottom.

Activating Enhancements

To activate an enhancement simply click the Activate button for the relevant feature. And you're done. No extra payment, no waiting. Easy.

Note: that the Product Auctions Enhancement requires some further setup after activation. Please get in touch with our Support team on Live chat or via email for further assistance.