How to Submit Your Site to Search Engines

Getting your site listed on Search Engines is a necessary part of building a successful eCommerce business.

Overview of Search Engines

StatCounter | Browser Market Share | February 2019

By far and away the most used Browser Worldwide is, at the time of writing, Chrome which is from Google. This is, of course, heavily skewed due to the amount of people in the USA using Chrome.

If we deep-dive into the figures, we can see that for the UK, Chrome still comes in 1st but tops out at 47.7% with Safari (from Apple) coming in at 2nd place with 31.6%. Inevitably each browser has their preferred choice of Search Engines. But with both Chrome and Safari utilising Google Search the proportion of people using Google Search is, quite frankly extensive:

Search Engine Usage Feb 2019 | via Statcounter

With a near monopoly on search it makes sense to focus your time and effort to getting listed and in a favourable position on Google's Search.

How to Get Listed on Google

There are multiple parts to getting 'listed' on Google.

From an eCommerce perspective you will need to:

  • submit a sitemap to help Google find you site quicker,
  • Add or Claim a Google My Business Profile to show up in location based searches e.g. "toy shops near me" and also for
  • Google Shopping and Offers to get you products listed.

Stor covers the majority of the technical aspects of getting listed on Google including producing an XML sitemap for you.

This is accessible by entering

Or this can be found by logging in to your Shop's admin area under Settings > Feeds.

Sitemap panel in settings> Feeds

You can also get your business seen, if you have a physical presence or shop, by providing street view images, indoor map submissions and even virtual tours.

The starting point for these and more can be found on the Get On Google page.

Our guides on SEO and Tracking and Google Analytics will help when you start delving in to the details of all things Google.

How to Get Listed on Bing

Bing has a small market share of search engine traffic, less than 5% in the UK as at February 2019. However, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo and MSN use Bing as their base. Getting listed on Bing means you will in fact be listed on 4 search engines covering 7.3% of search engine market share.

The process is, as a bonus, fairly simple and pretty quick.

  1. Claim your Listing (or create one if needed)
  2. Fill in your Business Details
  3. Verify your Listing

As an additional bonus, Bing allows you to import information from your Google My Business Profile. Speedy, convenient and no need to re-type everything again.

You can get started here to create your Listing. Once your listing is completed, you can then submit your sitemap to Bing to request a crawl.

Search Engine Verification

As mentioned above, both Google and Bing need you to confirm that you are who you say you are and that you have the right to claim business profiles, websites, etc. As such, they will ask you to add some HTML (meta) code to your site which they can then check.

When you're all setup and have the Verification String ready open your Shop's Admin area in another tab and head to Settings > SEO/Tracking

Site Verification Service Panel | SEO Tracking | Stor

Simply paste the relevant string into the associated area and hit Save. Then head back to Google/Bing and Verify.

Points To Note:

Both Google and Bing 'crawl' or search the internet every hour of every day and it will take time for your site to be 'found'. Some quick tips to help you get found quicker include:

  • Link to your site from Social Media - Facebook, Twitter & Instagram have a high Domain Rank (trusted) so this helps and gives you your 1st backlink.
  • Get some more quality backlinks - don't, I repeat, don't pay for low quality links from spammers or alike. They won't help. Get some good, high quality links back to your site.
  • Don't panic - these things take time, the internet is very, very large so Google and Bing may take some time to find you.
  • Check out this Stack Exchange Answer for reassurance.
  • Keep building unique, quality content.

If you have any queries about Sitemaps or Getting listed feel free to get in touch with our Support team on Live Chat or via email.