Answers to some frequently asked questions

What is Stor?

Stor is an all-in-one eCommerce platform that allows merchants to start an online shop to sell their products or services.

Do I need a web designer or developer?

Nope. We’ve built the system so you can easily pick a template to use, then update the look and feel and add new elements into it, based on your requirements. It’s super simple to use. If you want anything custom built, then we can provide a quote or put you in touch with one of our great partners.

I can't login. How do I reset my password?

  • Just click here.
  • Enter your email address and hit reset.
  • You'll then receive an email with a link to reset your password.
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    Do I have to pay for hosting and an SSL certificate?

    On our Plus package your shop will be under subdomain (yourshop.stor.co) and will be covered under our Certificate.

    If you do need an SSL Certificate in the future for your own custom domain then we can supply these for you. Please get in touch with our Customer Success team using Live Chat or email.

    For our Pro Plan merchants in the UK, a free domain and SSL certificate are included for the first year. We'll let you know in advance when you need to renew it; normally every year unless you ask for a 2 year certificate.

    Will using Stor get me to the top of Google?

    Not on its own, no, but it'll most certainly help! Think of your Stor shop as a formula one racing car, it can win the race but you’ll need to drive it really well!

    If you would like some assistance we can help you work with an expert SEO partner to achieve your Google goals.

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    Do you offer support?

    Yes, you can email or chat live with our dedicated and friendly UK based support team.

    Can I accept PayPal?

    Yes, you can use your own PayPal personal and business account. Funds will then transfer to you in the usual way. We do, however, suggest setting up a Stripe account as this has much lower transaction fees which will save you some money.

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    How do I get paid from any credit card sales?

    Every 7 days you’ll receive a bank transfer into the bank of your choosing. If you transact high-volumes then you can get these sooner. For more information please speak to our Support Team.

    Can I accept cash or cheque for products?

    Yes, customers can checkout in the usual way and choose either option. You can even add an option to pay via Bank Transfer or Purchase Order if you wish.

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    Can I issue refunds?

    Yes, you can do this via the 'Order View' page inside your Shop Admin. If you would like more information please take a look at our Processing Refunds guide.

    Do you offer shipping? How about using 3rd party shipping companies?

    Shipping is up to you but we’ve built a powerful shipping feature to set your shipping rates up as you need them. These are based on; Fixed flat rate, Cart total, Totally free, category based or Collection from your physical shop (if you have one).

    You can also override the global shipping for individual products if you need to using our Unique Shipping Zones.

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    What happens if my sales go over £85k?

    You’ll automatically be moved up to the Pro plan and your card will be charged on your next bill date.

    Why is the Pro Plan limited to £85k in sales?

    This is the current UK VAT Income threshold as set by HM Government. We want to grow with you as your business does and we agree that a VAT registered business is considered to be more mature when it's turnover is £85,000+.

    Of course, you can start on a Pro plan straight-away and receive the added benefits including lower transactions fees, a free domain, SSL certificate and more if you so wish.

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    Are there any feature I can't use on the Pro plan versus the Plus plan?

    No, we don't impose any feature limits on our plans. The additional benefits of being on a Pro plan include an unlimited amount of sales, lower transaction fees, a free domain and SSL certificate, Priority support and more. Check out our pricing for more information.

    Can you design my site for me?

    Yes, we offer a bespoke design service including onboarding to help you get set up quickly and professionally. Contact design@stor.co for a quote.

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    Why does my Product URL have random numbers after it?

    When you have multiple versions of a product with the same title the platform automatically adds a unique ID at the end of the URL to ensure there's no duplicate URLs on your shop.

    If you want to change this, then just navigate to 'Edit Product > SEO' and amend the Page URL then hit 'Save'. Don't forget to remove any superfluous characters using the tool provided.

    What countries does Stripe support?

    Stripe as a company is in 23 countries (plus 9 by invite) as at March 2019. More information on this is available on their website here.

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    Why aren't my order IDs concurrent? / Why am I missing orders?

    Orders are auto-generated via your shop's cart and the admin side 'order builder', every time it's initiated. This includes any orders that may have been abandoned.

    Any orders generated outside the shopfront (i.e. within the admin side order builder) are not usually retrievable as they have no data assigned to them.

    If you want to see abandoned orders; head to your Orders page and change the order status filter to Abandoned.