Adding Audio Products

Upload and manage your audio digital products.

Uploading Audio Digital Products

To add an audio digital product, from your Shop Admin:

  1. Click Products
  2. Click the "+Add New Product" button
  3. Select Audio for the Product Type
  4. From the Product Menu select the "Audio Tracks" option
  5. Hit the “Upload File” button and select the audio files you wish to sell - These files must be in MP3 / WAV / AIFF / FLAC / WMA
  6. Hit Save once you have selected the relevant files and wait for them to upload.
  7. Now head back to the "Basics" option and enter all of the relevant details e.g. Title, Price, etc.


When you upload an audio file, it needs to be transcoded and processed prior to Enabling the product. Depending upon your file size, this may take a few moments.

Exclusive Audio Digital Product Settings

Certain product settings can only be applied to Audio Digital Products. See below for a list of these:

  • Individual Track Price

Each track from an audio product can be sold individually at a separate price.

  • 60sec Previews

Allow customers to listen to 60 second preview of each track by ticking the box. Note: you need to activate the Audio Preview Enhancement for this option to display.

  • Other Buy Links

If you would like to give customers the option of buying your digital products from other platforms add links to display on the product page here. All you need to do is select the platform and enter the relevant URL.

Lossless files

To offer lossless downloads you must upload lossless files, rather than MP3s. Add detailed metadata to lossless files before you upload them. Lossless files you upload will be directly downloaded by your customers.

If you upload an MP3 file rather than a lossless file type we will compress this to 128kbs for streaming purposes. As we cannot convert a lossy file in to lossless, we highly suggest uploading a lossless file in the first instance.

Sale / Offer Option

Whilst adding or editing a Product the "Basics" section shows different options for how to sell or distribute a digital product through your website. To apply these settings, select from the list how you would like this product to be distributed, change the status to enabled and hit save.

  • Fixed Price

A set price which cannot be altered by the customer.

  • Stream Only

Customers can stream this product for free.

  • Customer Sets Price

Customers can choose how much to pay and the merchant can set a minimum amount. The minimum amount you enter will show on both the product page and again once the customer selects the "Offer a Fair Price" box.

  • Exchange For Email

Customers can download the track for free in exchange for their email address.

  • Facebook Like For Download

Customers can download the track for free in exchange for liking the merchants Facebook page.

  • Totally Free Download

Customers can download the digital product for free.