Setting Up Shipping Options

Create shipping options your customers can choose during checkout.

To set up a shipping option, please follow the steps below.

 Step 1 – Enabling Your Status

To create a shipping option, please go to Settings > Shipping > Add New Shipping Zone.

To enable your shipping zone, click on Status > Enabled. To disable your status, just click on the Edit button then change the status to “Disabled”.

If you want to remove a shipping option from your list, hit the Red 'X' button.

Step 2 – Basics

Complete the short form under the section labelled Basics” with a Shipping Name” and a Shipping Name shown to Customers”.

To edit your Shipping Name/Shipping Name shown to Customers, click on the Edit button next to the relevant shipping zone.

Step 3 – Setting Up A Shipping Zone

A shipping zone is a geographic region where a specific set of shipping methods and rates apply. So customers will only see the shipping methods available for their given address.

Underneath Zones” you can select one or multiple continents or countries. When selecting a country, you’re allowed to select or delete specific regions of that country. The Rest of the World” zone is used for shipping address that aren’t included in any other shipping zone.

Step 4 – Setting Up A Shipping Method & Rate

Pick up or Collection (Click & Collect): 

If you want to offer the  “Pick Up/Collect” option, select “Pick Up” in “Method” and check or update your collection address.

Same Day Delivery: 

When selecting “Same Day Delivery“,  choose between “Percentage” and “Fixed” then “Per item” or “Per order“

In “Available From/To” you can choose a specific timeframe. You can also schedule “Blackout specific days” and “Blackout specific dates“

This option allows you to decide which days or dates the Same Day Shipping options are unavailable.

Flat Rate: 

If you want to set up a Flat Rate shipping method, select  Flat Rate” from the dropdown list to set this up.

  • First, select either Per Item” or Per Order”
  • Then choose between Percentage” and Fixed”
    • If Percentage” has been selected, fill in the last box with the percentage of your choice. 
    • If “Fixed” has been chosen, fill the box with the required amount. 

If you need to change your currency, head to Settings > Currencies.

Free Shipping: 

If your aim is to offer free shipping to your customers, please select  “Free Shipping” by selecting it from the list on “Method”.

Based on Category: 

If you choose “Based On Category”, click on this option to select one or multiple categories, then fill the Shipping rate section with a minimum & maximum cart total and the necessary shipping charge

Click “Add” to create as many shipping rates based on category as you wish. Check out our article for a step-by-step guide on setting up Category Based Shipping.

Based on Cart Price: 

If your shipping charge is going to be based on cart price, scroll down to  “Based On Cart Price” in “Method” to set up your shipping charge with a minimum and maximum cart total and a specific shipping charge

Click Add” to create as many shipping rates based on cart price as you wish.

Based on Cart Weight: 

Choose Based on Cart Weight” to add a minimum and maximum cart weight with a chosen shipping charge. To edit your default cart weight, go to Settings > Formats > Default Weight Unit. 

The available weight options are Kilogram, Gram, Pound and Ounce.

Date Picker

To add a "Date Picker" at checkout, which allows customers to choose a date for delivery that work best for them, tick “Show Date Picker For Scheduled Shipping/Delivery" underneath “Method".

This is a purely optional feature for those who wish to use Scheduled deliveries. 

Editing Or Deleting A Shipping Option

To edit a shipping zone, click the Edit button. To delete a shipping option, just hit the Red 'X' in the “Action” column.

Adjusting Shipping Display Order

You can change the order that the shipping orders appear on the front end (to customers at) checkout. Simply 'grab' the relevant shipping zone using the arrow button (shown below) and drag it up or down. 

It may be that you offer Collection in store but always want this to show at the bottom of the list to customers at checkout. Alternatively, you may prefer to show the cheapest/quickest shipping at the top of the checkout page. 

Once you are happy with the shipping methods you've setup and the order they're in be sure to test everything is working as expected by running a few test orders through on the front end of your shop. 

As ever, if you have any questions or concerns then feel free to get in touch with the Support Team on Live Chat or via email.  

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