Blogging can help you boost search engine rankings and increase your website traffic.

Creating A New Blog Post

To create a new blog post, please head to Blog > Add New Blog Post.

  • If you wish to publish your blog post, change the status to Enabled. If you want to save your post as a draft, please keep the status of your post as Disabled.
  • Then, choose a Blog Title.
  • You can insert images, videos and contact forms as well as tables.
  • You can either use the Visual or HTML text editor.
  • When creating your post with the Visual Editor, your customers will see your content exactly as you see it.
  • With the HTML text editor, you can see, create and edit your HTML code. If you prefer to use the HTML text editor, you’ll need to click the <> button to switch to the Visual Editor then hit “Save” to save your post.

Adding Article Tags

Tags are search terms related to your blog posts. These give customers an easy way to search for related posts when tags are displayed on your blog page.

You can enter your tags just underneath the visual/text editor, just separate each tag with a comma.

Adding A Featured Image

To add a featured image, please click on "Add Featured Image". You can either upload a new image or use one that is already saved in your Image Manager.

Remember to click the Radio button to use the image and add some "Alt" text to help your SEO shine.

If you wish to edit your image, you can do it easily with the PushCommerce editor;

  1. First, click on the edit icon.
  2. Then, use our image editor to modify, crop, contrast, lighten, darken or straighten your images.

Previewing/Viewing A Blog Post

If you wish to preview/view your blog post, go back to “ Blog” and click on your post’s URL.

Editing Or Deleting A Blog Post

To edit a blog post, click "Edit" in the “Action” column.

To delete a blog post, just hit the Red "X" in the “Action” column.