Coupon and Discount Codes

Coupon codes allow you to offer discounts on products to your customers.

Creating A New Coupon/Discount Code

Go to the "Marketing" section from the left-hand menu and click "Add New Coupon".

Change the status to "Enabled" and give it a Name for your reference. Don't worry customers won’t see your discount name.

Enter your Coupon Code.

If you would like a random code just click on “Generate Code”.

Next, specify if you want to apply the discount in “Percentage” or in a “Fixed” amount.

Enter your discount amount e.g. 20 for 20% or £20 depending on the above.

If you want to offer free shipping when the coupon is used, tick the “Free Shipping” box.

Scroll down to the Active dates area; here you can choose either a Date range (like January Sales) or a Single day (like Black Friday).

If relevant, add the "Valid From" and "Valid To" dates. Note, if from and to dates are used, the coupon code will start & expire at midnight (UTC) on the dates selected.

Within Usage Limits you can set “Uses Per Coupon” and “Uses Per Customer”.

These settings allow you to limit the number of times a coupon can be used or the number of times an individual customer can use the coupon. If there is no limit, just leave these blank.

If your coupon is based on the value of the basket/cart then add that amount in the “Min Cart Total” box.

This is the value that must be reached before the coupon is valid.

Minimum Cart Total Box -

Finally, specify which products or categories the coupon will apply to.

Category Selection Option

Once you're all done, just hit "Save”.

Using A Coupon Code

Your customers can add a coupon code on the checkout page of your shop. Their discount will be included in the order summary on the right hand side of the page.

Customer Side Coupon Code Option Coupon Code Text Area

You'll also be able to see that a coupon's been used on your Order Overview page and the coupon code the customer's used within your Order Detail page.

Order Overview Page

Order Overview Page View

Order Detail Page

Order Detail Page View

Editing or Deleting An Existing Coupon

To edit a coupon, click the "Edit" button.

To delete a coupon, hit the Red 'X'.

If you have any questions or need further assistance on Coupons and discount codes please reach out to the Support team via our Live Chat or email.